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Who We Are

As one of leading pouch making machine manufacturers in china, KETE can provide one-stop solution of pouch making machine for making three side sealing pouch , stand up zipper pouch , center sealing pouch , 4 side sealing pouch , juice pouch ,etc  in different sizes  with good finished. our machine has CE certification , and machine speeds up to 160pcs/min.

In order to create more value and offer a one-stop service for our customers, year by year we collect all the knowledge and resource to service our customers with complete solutions.  

We had got CE certificated. Benefit from good technology and capital resource, we pay high attention to the new product innovation and environmental protection. We are continuing to increase our R&D and Technology investment for the machine to make several type pouches, KETE  family will keep Innovation for environmental  responsibility.

In the future, we will keep our slogan “Your Success is our Business” continue creating value for customers and achieve self-worth. We are looking forward to cooperating with you soon!